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Nursing Home Dixon, IL

Your loved one may need a hand in making a choice that is wise for a Nursing Home. Dixon, IL residents know full well the importance of finding a loving atmosphere with skilled care. We provide that for each and every resident at Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center in our Nursing Home.

Dixon, IL residents grasp that their loved one’s needs may change as time goes by. They rely on loved ones receiving care from skilled professionals with Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Restorative Therapy that comes from an accident or illness.

Additionally, Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center also has a Memory Care Center that is activity based. It is certified by the state, Medicare and Medicaid. Due to being an activity-based Memory Care Center, we can help assist in retaining your loved one’s memories for as long as we can. Our staff is fully-trained to realize how to meet the distinct needs of individual residents. Our staff is aware that families have needs. Our staff is also equipped to assist in meeting the various needs of people in your family have as they evolve over time. We realize that when a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or other events that cause memory loss, you face a new set of challenges. You can count on our team to assist you with those challenges.

Being a part of the wide range of daily activities is a great opportunity when your loved one is in a Nursing Home. Dixon, IL residents realize the wide range of activities offered every day at Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center can enrich the time they spend in our community.

If your loved one could benefit from caring, professional care in a Nursing Home, it is available to you at Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center. Get in touch with us at (815) 456-2374 today or Send Us An Email. We will gladly serve your family by offering your loved one the opportunity to call our Nursing Home their home.